How to clean carpets without losing your mind – Rugdoctor review

rugdoctor review

Without a doubt, the single most stressful element of moving house last month was all the cleaning involved. The kitchen alone took me two days. I’m pretty sure we left it cleaner than we’d found it. I was so relieved to be done with it and to say goodbye to a house that was just too tired not to attract dirt and grime. Even mopping is easier in the new house.

What I mostly worried about, though, was the carpet. There were stains not tackled soon enough, paw prints tracked through over and over, Talitha’s spills, my spills. How would we ever get it clean? When Rugdoctor offered to lend me a machine for the job, I was grateful but didn’t look forward to what I expected to be a massive effort (lazy, me?).

First, I used the RugDoctor Spot & Stain Remover, which I admittedly didn’t start out with much faith in because it’s meant to be used right away and I needed to tackle a wine stain from months ago. Surprisingly, it did the job. Easily. Right away. Amazing.

Laurence was busy getting lots of other jobs done so cleaning the carpets was left up to me. Then it was time to get the machine out. I found it really daunting because I often lack the common sense to figure out stuff like that. But the instructions are literally written on the machine and I found it so easy to use once I got going.

The only thing I’d say is that I was surprised by how much detergent we got through! Bottle after bottle! But then, I did clean the carpets in both the new house and the old so that’s to be expected. It was incredible how dirty the water was – quite satisfying, really.

I’m not usually keen on using the heavy duty chemicals involved in products like this. I’m a vinegar and bicarbonate soda kind of woman. However, we just had so much going on and desperately needed to get our deposit back so I was very please with how effective Rugdoctor is.

Check out my video for more chat about it and to see it in action.

Rugdoctor lent me one of their machines and gave me some detergent as well as a bottle of RugDoctor Stain & Spot Remover for the purpose of this review.

Video edited by my bro, Liam Camps.