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The other day my brother asked if he could be the one to introduce Talitha to superheroes. We spent many a Saturday morning watching Batman and, though he was far more into the comic book thing than I (his copies are probably still kept in plastic), DC characters are a big part of our shared childhood. I know there’s a saying that no child remembers the days the spent watching TV but, actually, those were some really good times for us! And he now works in video editing so maybe

Two revelations surprise me every time one of my children has a birthday. One, I actually do not care about my birthday anymore. Much. Two, every year the prospect of their birthdays gets more exciting. Talitha turned four on Thursday and I did the usual getting teary-eyed while wrapping her presents the night before. How could she be turning four already? I still so clearly remember giving birth to her. And now we’re having full-on conversations. My days are full of her chatter. She’s busy dancing, making up stories, singing

We’d been planning to head over to Exeter for ages. It’s Laurence’s university town and so, an important part of his life, but I’d never seen it. The chance to visit together came up when First Great Western gave us a weekend there a few weeks ago. It made a great city break and a chance to connect as a family before Laurence headed off to start working in London. We made the journey over there at night after Laurence finished work so it was an exciting “past bedtime” train

Laurence and I started talking about homeschooling (that was the term we used at the time and we still use both terms now) before Talitha was born. I may not have even been pregnant with her yet. I’m not sure. I remember I brought it up while we were having a stroll around Clifton Village, where we used to live, and he was pretty scandalised. I grew up knowing families who homeschooled and disliking school myself. He went to boarding school and, on balance, found the experience positive. Fast forward

I mentioned last week that Laurence is working in London so I’m flying solo during the week. It’s definitely been tougher than I expected – a lot of adjusting, a lot of facing things in myself that I need to work on and a lot for the kids to cope with. BUT…I get to watch whatever I want to watch on TV. There is, my friends, a bright side to everything. I’ve also just been invited to join the Netflix stream team. They’re giving me a subscription and some other

I am definitely a fair weather outdoors explorer – not a trait I want to hand on to my children. I genuinely struggle with the often cold, wet, grey weather here in England. That said, I am so convinced of how valuable a childhood spent outdoors is that I’m unwilling for my aversion to the temperate climate to keep us cooped up indoors. As they say, there’s no such as thing as “bad weather”, just clothing not up to the task. So we’re removing another obstacle by getting the girls

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I’m sitting in front of the computer holding fifteen-month-old Ophelia and nursing a cup of chamomile tea that I’m hoping will treat this stinging headache I’ve had most of the day. This is the sort of thing that puts me off blogging in the evenings but the evenings are all I’ve got and this is also the sort of thing that makes me reflective so I figured, why not have a catch up? Solo weekdays (and nights) Laurence is working in London at the moment. He’s done a bit of

After dreaming about it for the last ten years (so I’m a bit of an over-thinker) and never getting around to it, partly because I’m rubbish at spending money on myself, I finally got my half-sleeve tattoo today. It’s Mehndi inspired (I’m borderline obsessed with henna patterns) and it features a hummingbird. I guess there is a bit of meaning there. Trinidad and Tobago is the land of the hummingbird. Hummingbirds are tiny but fierce and free. Mythologically, they represent eternity. That’s probably quite fitting for a tattoo. But, honestly?

This is an old project but one I’ve been wanting to share for a while. One of the things I got excited about when we were buying our house was that there was a downstairs loo. I’ve lost track of how many people have assumed that that was because of toilet training. Actually, I often feel a bit lazy about going all the way upstairs to the loo, if I’m honest! And when we have people staying with us for an extended period of time, a second toilet would be

On the coach to London to take the first of our two-part KG hypnobirthing course with Katharine Graves, we were unsure of what to expect. We both admitted uncertainty about what it actually entailed or what we’d get out of it (if anything!). We didn’t know that this experience was going to be powerfully transformative, for both of us. KG Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal course, so everything you expect to be covered in a childbirth preparation class, from what happens physiologically in birth to medical complications, is discussed. But

I had the privilege of meeting and being inspired by mother and fellow blogger, Caitlin Dean, when we went WWOOFing on her sheep farm in Cornwall, where she lives with her husband and three kids. Caitlin is a three-time hyperemesis gravidarum survivor and a Registered General Nurse. She is passionately dedicated to raising awareness about HG and providing support to sufferers. She is chair person for the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support as well as the author of the popular Spewing Mummy blog. Since today is International Hyperemesis Awareness Day, Caitlin

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