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Read I’m reading a novel called Oy Yew at the moment. It tells the story of a mystery boy who believes his name is “Oy, you” since that’s how he’s usually addressed. He ends up enslaved with other waifs in a great house, underfed so their growth is stunted. Written by Ana Salote, it’s touching, humorous and gripping. I’m really looking forward to getting further along. It’s billed as children’s fiction, suitable from age 8, but I’m finding it every page a delight so far. Watched Bristol’s annual Balloon Fiesta

I didn’t set out to breastfeed my older daughter as long as I did. I doubt anyone gazes into the face of their newborn and imagines breastfeeding them for four years. Certainly, at the time, I felt like we’d be blessed to get to six months. When the difficulties with her tongue-tie and my low milk supply kicked in, my goal became to take it one feed at a time. By the time her first birthday came into view (a landmark I was just relieved to make), I’d learned a

I had a hard time establishing breastfeeding with my first baby, Talitha. From the start something didn’t seem right but we didn’t suspect a tongue tie until a lactation consultant suggested it at six weeks in. It was confirmed and cut by the infant feeding midwife at our local hospital when Talitha was eight weeks (it had to be cut again at twelve). By that time, my milk supply was damaged. I wasn’t making enough milk, my baby was literally attached to my breasts from morning until night (and I

I am grateful for our house. It’s comfortable and spacious – though we probably could get by with less space as well as make much better use of the space we do have. There are a few things that I’d change but nothing feels particularly pressing. The only thing that bothers me now and again is our bathroom. It’s such a tiny room and I think it needs refitting at some point to balance that. In the meantime, I’m trying to enjoy the space we do have by making little

I’ve recently written a few posts for the Bristol 2015 European Green Capital website on how families can begin to engage with environmental issues. A lot of it has come out of changes we’ve been making over the past few years. Some of it was new to me as I researched for these posts but ended up affecting us quite a lot as a family. It’s an ongoing learning process. I’m sure I’m going to look back in a few years and wonder why I hadn’t made changes I may

Back when I was heavily pregnant with my first baby, I was overcome with this incredible urge to get a pet cat. I’ve met a few other women who’ve had the same so I’m using anecdotal evidence to declare this “a thing”. Maybe it’s the nurturing hormones? Anyway, a friend knew someone who’s cat was having kittens so I went around and had a look. Then I wound up going home to convince Laurence we should get two cats. Because, y’know, one might get lonely. Even though I wasn’t out



Weekends like the one just gone, I love living in Bristol. It’s an endlessly creative city, hosting a string of festivals in the summertime. On Saturday we took the kids down to Bedminster to check out Upfest, Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival. I think we only ended up sampling a small bit of what was an offer – it was pretty packed and we wanted a chilled day – but what we saw was seriously impressive. I was surprised by how much the kids took it in. Talitha

I can’t say that we have any one interiors style, other than possibly wildly eclectic and somewhat pleasingly cluttered (at least, the aim is pleasingly)? If that counts, anyway. I can’t deny that I love a bit of country style thrown in the mix. We live in a city but we’re bit by bit bringing the countryside into our home. This past year I’ve had a subscription for Country Living magazine. It’s just come to an end, which is just as well because I never manage to throw back issues

It’s come to that time of year when many of us are thinking about getting set for September. The situation’s a little bit different in our household since we’ll be home educating but I know that many of you have children who’ll be starting or returning to school. M&S’s “Inventors Wanted” competition will almost certainly be of interest to you. I’m tempted to invent a homeschool uniform, to be honest! Dream up the most wildly creative school uniform invention you can and enter the Inventors Wanted competition to win a

Summer rains have seen my daughters do different things. The seventeen-month-old bangs the door, wordlessly pleading to get out into the garden. She runs around free, stomping puddles, pushing her little car around, generally whooping and enjoying the little piece of wilderness behind our house. My four-year-old, on the other hand has taken to saying she doesn’t want to go out if it’s raining. This makes me a little sad because I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture. The fact is, I don’t want to go out if it’s

I used to say that I would like to take an exercise class but I didn’t have the motivation to go out after looking after a baby/toddler all day. Then I got pregnant again and felt so tired, I added that to the hurdles in my way. I’d also say I’d take an exercise class if I could drive. Then I got my license. But by then I also had the second baby. And it started to look like I’d never run out of excuses. The thing is I know

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