London bucket list

Talitha has a fixation on London, at the minute. She’ll often pack her Peppa Pig bag and tell us that she’s going to London – to visit the Queen, obviously.

Summer Bucket List

I do love a to-do list. Just not the chore kind. Those lists depress me. A list of fun things to do this summer, though? That I can get excited

Goodbye, baby clothes

Tomorrow, I’m giving away all of Ophelia’s 0-6 month clothes, save a very few sentimental pieces. Someone’s already been by tonight to collect the breastfeeding pillow. They are just things,

Camping with a baby

A few weeks ago the four of us went camping in Penzance for a weekend. Ophelia had just turned four-months-old and I’d wondered for weeks what camping with a baby

The sweetest things

Sweet sounds Though I’ve accepted that The Wheels on the Bus and Winnie the Pooh are here to stay, I’m relieved that we can occasionally listen to something that doesn’t

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