Weekends like the one just gone, I love living in Bristol. It’s an endlessly creative city, hosting a string of festivals in the summertime. On Saturday we took the kids

Re-committing to the outdoors

Summer rains have seen my daughters do different things. The seventeen-month-old bangs the door, wordlessly pleading to get out into the garden. She runs around free, stomping puddles, pushing her

A family photo shoot

For my birthday this year, I decided to gift myself a family photo shoot. Laurence and I are often behind the camera. We rarely think of getting someone to take

Avocado potato salad

This is not that groundbreaking but this avocado potato salad is something I’ve been making recently so I thought I’d share it. Our diet is mostly vegan/vegetarian these days –

Life Lately

I just looked back at my last “life lately” post and realised that I had a stinging headache when I was writing it. Here I am writing another with a

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