DIY Photo Coasters or a Cheap and Easy Gift Idea?

The reason that you are looking for cheap eco friendly gifts is very simple. It is because your friend or loved one is struggling financially and you want to do your part to help. What makes this even more difficult than it sounds though, is that not many people out there are even aware that they can get these types of gifts. I think that if more people knew about eco friendly frugal gifts, they would be more willing to give them to their loved ones. Here is some information on why eco-friendly gifts are a great idea and how to find the best two gifts ideas.

cheap eco friendly gifts

Cheap Eco friendly gifts that are available today include everything from dishes and cups to furniture and blankets. Some companies even offer free shipping for certain amounts of organic products. If you are looking for a great way to impress someone or make your mother happy, a great gift idea is a gift basket filled with organic foods and home accessories. If you know someone who is passionate about upcycling, they might be able to provide you with some recycled items to add to your gift basket.

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Another idea for a cheap and easy way to promote eco-friendliness is by giving your friends and family handcrafted photo coasters. These are items that you can take to as many different craft shows as possible. A great craft show to hit is the San Diego Auto Show, which has thousands of dealers displaying new and used cars.

You can also pick up a bunch of recycled gifts and give them out as fun party favors. A frugal idea would be to make some yourself at home. You could cut and paste photos of fruits and vegetables into fun shaped coasters. These would make fun and very eco friendly coasters for any type of fiesta or themed party.

Wine Coasters make a great and very cheap favor. These are inexpensive frugal gifts that look beautiful on a shelf or table. You can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can even use wine corks, if you prefer, make these lovely coasters. There are some simple instructions included with these DIY wine coasters that make it easy for even the novice handyman to create their own perfect coasters.

One other cheap and easy gift ideas for frugal shoppers is home made gifts and items. There are lots of simple items that you can use to make your own recycled jewelry and homemade cleaners. Some of these items can even be found in your local thrift stores. If you shop online, you will find a huge range of recycled gift ideas including plates, cups, bowls, silverware, purses and jewelry. These types of recycled gifts are great and very cheap eco friendly gifts you can give for any type of fiesta or party.

Finally, one of the best DIY eco friendly gifts that you can give to your friends and family for any special occasion is a great little gift basket. There are many types of gift baskets to choose from. You can choose one that is full of homemade organic food, such as an all natural foods basket, which is perfect for holidays and birthdays. There are also baskets filled with all types of recycled gifts, such as, pottery, recycled jewelry, soaps, candles, and homemade soaps and bath salts.

Hopefully this article has given you some easy tips on planning a cheap and easy way to give your friends and family one of these DIY photo coasters. These are not only fun to give but very affordable for everyone. There are so many creative uses for these recycled wine corks or DIY photo coasters.

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