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Welcome to my blog. I have a passion for consumer education, and have been a writer, producer, and entrepreneur for many years. I founded this blog to log stuff we buy for our kids. I now share my thoughts on parenting in our fragmented world.

You’ll also read many articles from moms who are really good at their crafts. They might be artists, crafters, knitters, DIYers, or something in between. They are doing what they love, and don’t think they’re giving up anything by being this way. Some moms are more into food, some more into fashion, some into gardening, and others into homemaking. We have different backgrounds, life experiences, values, lifestyles, and maybe some different parenting styles. But we all love our kids, and we want the best for them, not the best school, the best house, the best life, or the best life for our kids. It’s a tall order, but what’s most important is that we care for our kids in the best way possible.